Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When weaves collide: Snooki the missing Kardashian

I really just had to share this picture today because wow! There is just too much weave and "tan" going on in this pic.

They must all be wearing a good 10 kgs of other people's hair between them. (Hopefully its all ethically sourced ladies!)

Suprisingly though, Snooki (bumpits in and all)  actually looks like she could be related to the KKs, don't you think?

*image from the dailymail

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Pinkett Smith family knows good hair

Willow Pinkett Smith is Nine right?

When I was nine I was trading Ninja Turtle cards and trying to sneakily watch Degrassi Junior High. (My parents wouldn't let me- apparently it was too "mature")

I rocked a china doll hair cut from birth to about 16- my hair obsession didn't really kick in until much later.

I think the main problem was I didn't come from a family that looked like this:

What family can really compete with uber genes, superstar talent and well all that hair. Of course the Pinkett Smith's aren't the first family to rock hot hair together:

But they are possibly the best looking fam who always look super did for any occassion.

I'm not too sure how I feel about the youngest of this gene rich family, Willow, busting out with her own track "Whip My Hair".

She is only a little girl still (but the tune is such a catchy thing, Damn you Jay Z!). But I have to say I am always gobsmacked when I see the whole clan together,rocking major dos.

Do the Pinkett Smith family have a hair care line? Do they have weaves dedicated to whipping hair? Do they have super amazing 'fro sheen? THe mind boggles! But if they do, I need to get me some!

*images from google images

Playing Chef for the day- Behind the scenes with Culinary Edge

Despite all my foodie intentions, I can honestly say that I kind of suck in the kitchen. Its not that I can't cook to save my life, my food is decent and hasn't killed anyone yet- Its just that I sometimes feel awkward and a little confused.

It frustrates me because I love love love eating and in my mind I am an absolute kitchen whizz - meanwhile in reality I still have trouble poaching an egg.

I recently got some expert coaching from my friends at Culinary Edge when I spent some time in the kitchen with them.

On the menu during my masterclass/sticky beaking session was:  

Tomato Tart tatin with Persian Feta & Micro Cress Salad

Spice Crusted Seared Ocean Trout, With Fennel & Apple Slaw,Feta Virgin Olive Oil & Currants

Three Mini desserts: Mini Passion Fruit & Vanilla Mascarpone Vacherin, Mini Chocolate Torte and Classic Crème Brulee

Watching professional chefs at work was so much fun (and maybe a tad intimidating). Chef Rach kept laughing at me because I was constantly oooohhhhinnng and aaaaahhhhing and asking inane questions like: "Did you really make that pastry?" and "How did you get the tomatoes to taste, so I don't know, tomato-ish?"

Considering I spend the majority of my time eating out, it really surprised me that I had never really noticed the detail in which dishes are presented. I Watched as each plate was fussed over meticulously, each sprig of micro cress perfectly placed in the exact same position as the dish before- so impressive. 

"Ames it's super easy you know, you could do this no problem," Rach says as she sprinkles fish roe in a perfect circle around the plate.

"As if" I scoff. Little does Rach know- perfect circles of fish roe is as foreign to me as a white Christmas, I  can't really do Donna Hay food styling, its a win if my food isn't sploshed all over the side of the plate.

I had to stop myself from drooling when the Ocean Trout came out the oven, the smell was incredible, it was the fennel crust (which was so crispy) that was wafting through the air and I immediately wanted some.

No time to salivate, next up after the Ocean Trout was plated and promptly served we were on to desserts. Everything was so fast as well, cooked, plated, "fancied up a bit" served. No rest between courses, phew! I was tired watching.

Desserts looked amazing, three mini ones on one plate, very indulgent. Because they were mini versions, the presentation was so precise and just too cute.

To everybody's amusement, I was given a quick blow torch workshop. I found this ridiculously thrilling. I don't have one at home, but I may just have to get one and start blow torching all sorts of things (no pun intended here)

After an hour we were done and I experienced my first post kitchen high come down. After the desserts went out I wanted to know what next? What else could I blow torch?

"We're all done! You're up for dishwasher duties!" I felt a bit let down, sad even. The wait staff looked baffled at my sheer disappointment that my kitchen fun was over.

"Fun!" They jeered me. "This is tough work love," sensing that I was possibly a tad on the dramatic side, a mini creme brulee was slid my way in attempts to pay me off with food- it worked.

On our way out, Chef Rach promised me that I could cook everything that I had seen in the kitchen and gave me the recipe for the Ocean Trout. "I expect to be invited over for dinner soon, I might even bring the blow torch."

Culinary Edge
PH: 61 2 9251 7229

Friday, September 24, 2010

How to give good sketch by Lindsay Lohan

I have only really one opinion about Lindsay Lohan: She looks so much better as a ginge.

I am not too sure how the new auburn hair will go with prison orange, but as she was being led back in to jail this week (after failing a drug test) I thought her hair and styling looked bang on.

No more bottle blonde, Vegas show girl Lindsay, this time around she was more appropriately 'did' for her day in court. Luckily for the Judge too, Linds kept the 'fuck you' sticker nails at home.

I never thought I would mention LL on here ever (her hair never does wow me) But aren't these court sketches amazing! Even her Louboutin heels are featured and sketched so lovely.

*images from dailymail.co.uk

Monday, September 20, 2010

WLG: Wellington Pop Up Restaurant, Kings Cross

There wasn't much choice when it came to T.V when I lived in Fiji. There was only one channel and on Sundays the programs were mainly church ones. It didn't bother me obviously as I was living in my dream destination.

But there was one show that everyone watched, the streets would empty each night at around 7.30 as everyone had rushed home to watch Shortland Street, one of the longest running soaps from New Zealand. I was obsessed with it and since then I've always wanted to go to the place that bought me the joys and drama of Shortland Street.

I haven't lived in Fiji for more than five years and sadly I still haven't made it to NZ. Disappointing as I don't have an excuse why, considering that its only a round a 3 hour flight from Sydney.

But I did get to taste the best of Wellington right in the heart of King Cross in Sydney at the WLG Pop Up Restaurant on Sunday night and now I am really busting to get to New Zealand.

Showcasing both Wellington's finest chefs and fare, the Kings Cross Bayswater Brasserie has been happily hijacked for two weeks and has been transformed into the cosy location of the WLG Pop Up Restaurant.  

Four of Wellington's most renowned Head Chefs are in Sydney specially to take helm at the pop up. Shaun Clouston, Rex Morgan, Jacob Brown and Tom Hutchison will all take a turn in the kitchen and will all produce a special three course meal.

We got to sample Shaun Clouston's menu which started with a "Tastes of Wellington"  tasting plate. The plate itself was yummy, it consisted of:

Lot Eight Spiced olives
Citrus cured Regal King Salmon gravlax with Kiwi wassabi pannacotta
Fried goat's cheese balls with Manuka honey and Kiwi chutney
Crispy west coast NZ white bait and grilled asparagus with chopped egg and caper maya
Venison rillettes with spiced pear and watercress

For my main I chose, the crispy skin Gurnard with celeriac puree, preserved lemon and Green apple salad. To be honest I didn't know what a Gurnard was but the very nice waiter, with the thickest Kiwi accent told me "Its like to a tough little fish, not too fishy, its yum." It was yum and exactly like the waiter said a strange texture.

The Chief went for the Cocoa braised venison osso bucco with soft polenta, lemon spinach and cherry relish.

And dessert was my absolute favourite, Soprana Limoncello panna cotta  with raspberry donuts.  Amazing the little donuts were beautiful!

This incredible meal was an absolute bargain at $29!
Unfortunately the WLG pop restaurant has been booked out but if you're keen and can get to the restaurant early they are accepting a limited number of walk ins each night. If you don't have a booking I suggest you still go as you can sample some Kiwi beers and wine and tuck into the Whitestone cheese platters available at the bar.

WLG Pop Up Restaurant
32 Bayswater Rd
Kings Cross, 2011
Until Sunday September 26

set price meal is $29 for 3 courses including coffee. Glasses of wine $7. Sittings from 6pm each day. Walk-up customers are welcome but are not guaranteed a sitting.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Morning Tea with a View: Yots Cafe Darling Harbour

Spring in Sydney has so far been fantastic and seeing the harbour sparkling in the lovely sunshine has reminded me why I love living here.

Yesterday was no exception and a perfect Saturday for playing tourist. I've been to Darling Harbour many times but I've never really spent time eating there, haven't been that keen as I always thought the restaurants would most likely be tourist traps and expensive.

But happily I stumbled across a cute little place which is also reasonably priced. Yots Cafe, right next to the Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour. Its perfect for a morning tea or brunch in the sun.

Essentially, Yots is an outdoor cafe. I wouldn't really want to be at the cafe in Winter, as its so open, but for spring and summer the setting is perfect- the view isn't too bad either.

The menu at Yots looked great and surprisingly not too dominated by seafood. You can also grab the breakfast menu at the cafe till 12pm everyday, excellent for weekend recovery brunches.

Because it was mid morning, I didn't particularly fancy anything too substantial, so opted for the devonshire tea special- but instead of tea I asked for a hot chocolate.

Devonshire tea $6.00

My friend, SJP, ordered the char grilled calamari salad. When it came out, I was mildly jealous as it looked great, she said it tasted really fresh and light too.

Char grilled calamari salad $15

I also spotted some actual tourists tucking into a Yot's "Boat" (Bacon, onion, avocado, tomato) sandwich and despite my usual pork/bacon/ham phobia, it looked and smelt delicious.

Besides brunch, I think Yots would be perfect for an early summer Sunday dinner of fish and chips and a cocktail- roll on summer I say.

Yots Cafe Bar
Darling Harbour Sydney (Next to the Maritme Museum)
02 9211 5144

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"You can't curry love" Satrang South Asian Queer Film Festival

"It's only been just over a year since India's high court decrminalised homosexuality you know Ames," M says to me casually over brunch.

This is quite a serious start to coffee and eggs, but I am used to intriguing and fascinating conversations with my lovely mate M. He's extremely gorgeous, witty, talented- and yep you guessed it- completely out of my league.

We're about to choose what movie we're going to see. I wouldn't call us movies snobs by a long shot. (when Breaking Dawn was released we both celebrated like 16 year olds "I'm team Jacob" "Oh but Edward's so brooding") But when it comes to indie flicks or art house treasures, M has me sorted and always picks a winner- but we were struggling to find something good.

"Oh did I tell you about Dunno Y?  Apparently its the Indian Brokeback Mountain, its going to be the opening movie of our film fest," M says, again nonchalantly.

The Indian Brokeback Mountain! Four magic words and I wasn't interested in picking a movie anymore, I wanted to know more. 
M hadn't said anything to me about a film festival and I was clearly getting excited about the  possibility of seeing Indian cowboys.

But alas, Dunno Y...Na Jaane Kyun doesn't feature cowboys. However, it is Bollywood's first mainstream depiction of a gay relationship with even a 90 second kiss. Which by all accounts is broaching all sorts of taboos for the Indian film industry.    

Lucky for Sydney, the boundary pushing film is the opening movie for the second ever Sartang: South Asian Queer Film Festival. The movie's stars Kapil Sharma and Yuvraaj Parashar will also at the premier for Q and A after the premier.

The festival runs over the next two weekends, September 18-19 and September 25-26 at UTS and the program looks unreal!

Featuring films from,India, South Africa, UK, US, Australia and three films from Nepal, Satrang aims to celebrate and reflect queer life and movements in South Asia.

Other feature films showing during the festival are Shamim Sarif’s The WorldUnseen and I Can’t Think Straight, Sridhar Rangayan’s 68 Pages and director Nani Sarah Walker’s Other Nature.

I am paticulary excited about the short films on offer during the festival. You can't curry love from the U.S,  I think has the best film title ever and Finding Kamal, an Australian short about a young man running away from his family and moving in with three transgendered women are my picks of the shorts for the festival.

South Asian Queer Film Festival 
September 18, 19, 25 & 26
University of Technology
Book tickets here 

*images from google

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Primped Spring Look Book Launch- All the essential Spring beauty trends sorted

Ms Mash and I were lucky enough to score an invite to the Primped Spring Look Book Launch- and boy weren't we excited!

Primped is the go to blog for all things hair, beauty and celebrity style knit picking.

Ms Mash and I joined 20 or so other lucky ladies (and one boyfriend-poor guy)at David Jones in the city on Friday night to get the low down on all the latest trends.

And can I say, DJs (despite all its recent bad press and drama)  certainly looked ready for Spring with the most beautiful flowers spread throughout the store.

Hosted by Primped Editor, Yaz, we were all happily bombarded with expert tips and tricks from great beauty brands like: Opi, Rimmel, Hissy Fit and Jo Malone (which I love love love)

The top trends to keep an eye out for this Spring and Summer are:

Nude nails: Bright colours are a no no this Spring. Sheer and flesh coloured polish that enhances the natural nail colour is a winner

Coppery eye shadow and bright glowing skin: Apparently almond eyes are also in. Genes for both Ms Mash and I have us covered for the season apparently. Thanks Dad!

Red lipstick: Vampy lips are bang on trend too- if you've got cooler skin, ie: pale and fair you should look for blue based reds. And if you've got an olive complexion and darker skin you should look for an orange base red lippy.

And as for hair, keep it polished and textured. The just of bed look is out this season- frizz free loose curls are in.

You can achieve waves easily by twisting towel dried hair into a knot on top of your head- leave for around 20 minutes and tada! Instant waves.

Lucky for those who attended the evening we were all gifted with the most amazing goody bags.

Ms Mash and I squealed like it was Christmas! Out of everything stuffed in there I am absolutelty loving the Billie Goat Soap- not only is it really cute- but it feels much softer than other soap and my winter ravished skin is thanking me.

And The Endota Spa Lavender and Alpine Pepper hand cream smells amazing and I am so happy that it was in the goodie bag as I love all things Endota Spa.

Unfortunately you can't get the goody bag anymore but you can can grab your own Primped Look Book at David Jones Stores nationally.

* Celeb pics from google images

Friday, September 10, 2010

No talking thanks, I'm eating: Silent Dinner Parties at the Sydney Fringe

I love a good chat, I don't care who you are, on a good day I could pretty much talk the ear off anyone. However, I do get shy sometimes and on the rare occasion I can suffer a bout of social awkwardness- (weird gestures, odd sentences, inappropriate laughing, bringing up Beyonce for no reason) especially in a situation where I don't know anyone.

Then there are the times when I can't be bothered to talk to anyone, I fancy being around people but I just can't be arsed to talk- you know those days right?

I think I may of found the answer to my social awkwardness/butterfly conundrum. - Silent dinner parties. I just booked in for my first silent dinner party experience and I am really really (quietly) excited.

I couldn't resist and just had to make a reservation when I read:

Silent Dinner Parties are a normal dinner party, except it is requested that you, the guests:

1. Please don’t use words or your voice

2. Please don't read or write

3. Try to make as little noise as possible

4. Stay with it for at least 2 hrs

There is no audience, only participants, as we sit around a dinner table in someone’s Sydney home devouring a 3 course feast, you are guaranteed a grand [silent] giggle!

Being hosted as a part of the Sydney Fringe Festival there will be 3 silent dinner parties each held in a secret location (somebody's place) in the Inner West. Sounds mysterious doesn't it.

I just hope that I don't get self conscience or bored- I've been known to make rather loud slurping noises when I eat too, so I'll have to be on my best behaviour I think.

Silent Dinner Parties:

16/Sep 19/Sep 24/Sep

16/Sep:19:30 19/Sep:18:00 24/Sep:20:00

Silent Dinner Parties - Private Houses around the Inner West


Adult: $30.00

To make a reservation contact Honi and be quick spaces are filling quickly:
honi@hedonics.com.au or call 0413 375 619

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gaga and "Jo Calderone" do Vogue Hommes Japan

My boss is in Japan for business and funnily enough I can't wait for her to get back! Why? because she's bringing me a fresh Japanese Vogue (for Men).

Just like Ronan Keating- I love a bit of Gaga and who doesn't like busting out to Poker Face at 2am in a club?

But I love her even more after seeing her latest cover for Japanese Vogue for Men (I need to go to Japan)

Gaga (eating disorder or not) in the flesh and in something else's. A meat-kini: ridiculous, hilarious and so good all at once.

Her male alter ego/reported lover Jo Calderone makes an appearance too. 

These photos of "Jo" were styled by Gaga's stylist Nicola Formichetti    

Loving both Gaga and Jo's dos here, JO's especially rocking a sexy quiff. Brilliant yes? YES and I can't wait to get my little hands on a copy!

Pictures from Vogue Hommes Japan

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cheap and yummy Vietnamese: Pho Sure

Getting paid monthly is tough. Lately I've been attempting to be a budget master with my money-which really means I've been tighter than usual.

So I've cut spending on: manicures, facials, massages. Banned myself from impulse buying, I literally put whatever is in my hand down and walk away, chanting to myself "you don't need it, you don't need it."

"You don't need it, you don't need it"

I get my wonderful gorgeous talented friend Katja (and sometimes Mell) to cut and colour my hair. Usually they charge a mortgage repayment for the above-but I get mates rates- so I'm lucky there.

I try and take my lunch in to work and no more morning lattes-which is a killer. But still when it comes to the end of the month I am doing the couch search for any loose change.

The problem is, I love to eat. I like to cook, but I love to eat. And by eat I usually mean out. Especially where I live, the place is renowned for great dinning spots and although I've lived here for ages, I still haven't even come close to trying everywhere yet.

Lucky for me I found Pho Sure -a great Vietnamese Noodle House right near home and better yet, its cheap and perfect just before pay day. 

Vietnamese Pho is one of my most favourite things to eat and Pho Sure's, Pho tai nam (rare beef and flank with rice noodle soup) is my new favourite.

Pho Tai Nam 9.50 and Cha Muc Chien-(fried squid balls) $7.50

The chief loves his Pho too

Its also budget friendly with most dishes at Pho Sure under $10. Don't expect anything fancy, next door is a coin laundry and there isn't really any ambience or frills, its all about the yummy food.

You have to set your own table too, but the staff who work at Pho Sure are really friendly and your food comes out fast and fresh.

If you're a fan of fried ice cream like I am, Pho Sure's is pretty good. At $4.50 for dessert you really can't complain.

Don't leave it too late either, Pho Sure is only open for dinner from 5-9pm but don't despair if you turn up at 9.30, you can always do your laundry next door.

Pho Sure
37-39 Stanmore Rd, Enmore 2042
(02) 9557 2001
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