Monday, September 20, 2010

WLG: Wellington Pop Up Restaurant, Kings Cross

There wasn't much choice when it came to T.V when I lived in Fiji. There was only one channel and on Sundays the programs were mainly church ones. It didn't bother me obviously as I was living in my dream destination.

But there was one show that everyone watched, the streets would empty each night at around 7.30 as everyone had rushed home to watch Shortland Street, one of the longest running soaps from New Zealand. I was obsessed with it and since then I've always wanted to go to the place that bought me the joys and drama of Shortland Street.

I haven't lived in Fiji for more than five years and sadly I still haven't made it to NZ. Disappointing as I don't have an excuse why, considering that its only a round a 3 hour flight from Sydney.

But I did get to taste the best of Wellington right in the heart of King Cross in Sydney at the WLG Pop Up Restaurant on Sunday night and now I am really busting to get to New Zealand.

Showcasing both Wellington's finest chefs and fare, the Kings Cross Bayswater Brasserie has been happily hijacked for two weeks and has been transformed into the cosy location of the WLG Pop Up Restaurant.  

Four of Wellington's most renowned Head Chefs are in Sydney specially to take helm at the pop up. Shaun Clouston, Rex Morgan, Jacob Brown and Tom Hutchison will all take a turn in the kitchen and will all produce a special three course meal.

We got to sample Shaun Clouston's menu which started with a "Tastes of Wellington"  tasting plate. The plate itself was yummy, it consisted of:

Lot Eight Spiced olives
Citrus cured Regal King Salmon gravlax with Kiwi wassabi pannacotta
Fried goat's cheese balls with Manuka honey and Kiwi chutney
Crispy west coast NZ white bait and grilled asparagus with chopped egg and caper maya
Venison rillettes with spiced pear and watercress

For my main I chose, the crispy skin Gurnard with celeriac puree, preserved lemon and Green apple salad. To be honest I didn't know what a Gurnard was but the very nice waiter, with the thickest Kiwi accent told me "Its like to a tough little fish, not too fishy, its yum." It was yum and exactly like the waiter said a strange texture.

The Chief went for the Cocoa braised venison osso bucco with soft polenta, lemon spinach and cherry relish.

And dessert was my absolute favourite, Soprana Limoncello panna cotta  with raspberry donuts.  Amazing the little donuts were beautiful!

This incredible meal was an absolute bargain at $29!
Unfortunately the WLG pop restaurant has been booked out but if you're keen and can get to the restaurant early they are accepting a limited number of walk ins each night. If you don't have a booking I suggest you still go as you can sample some Kiwi beers and wine and tuck into the Whitestone cheese platters available at the bar.

WLG Pop Up Restaurant
32 Bayswater Rd
Kings Cross, 2011
Until Sunday September 26

set price meal is $29 for 3 courses including coffee. Glasses of wine $7. Sittings from 6pm each day. Walk-up customers are welcome but are not guaranteed a sitting.

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  1. Haha this is so funny-I saw Shortland Street for the first time this morning! My NZ have been telling me about it for ages :)


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