Monday, September 27, 2010

The Pinkett Smith family knows good hair

Willow Pinkett Smith is Nine right?

When I was nine I was trading Ninja Turtle cards and trying to sneakily watch Degrassi Junior High. (My parents wouldn't let me- apparently it was too "mature")

I rocked a china doll hair cut from birth to about 16- my hair obsession didn't really kick in until much later.

I think the main problem was I didn't come from a family that looked like this:

What family can really compete with uber genes, superstar talent and well all that hair. Of course the Pinkett Smith's aren't the first family to rock hot hair together:

But they are possibly the best looking fam who always look super did for any occassion.

I'm not too sure how I feel about the youngest of this gene rich family, Willow, busting out with her own track "Whip My Hair".

She is only a little girl still (but the tune is such a catchy thing, Damn you Jay Z!). But I have to say I am always gobsmacked when I see the whole clan together,rocking major dos.

Do the Pinkett Smith family have a hair care line? Do they have weaves dedicated to whipping hair? Do they have super amazing 'fro sheen? THe mind boggles! But if they do, I need to get me some!

*images from google images

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  1. Hehe I remember that picture! Do you think that family has toned down their hair now or do you think the revel in their infamy?! :D


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