Thursday, December 2, 2010

Edible cocktails at the Zeta Bar: The cure for a bad day

I know its been a bad day for Ms Mash when she starts a phone call like this:

"Babe! f*#k f*#k f*#kity f*#k!"


"I need a drink and possibly some food."

(unfortunately for Ms Mash she came through to my reception first so the call for me actually went like this:)


"Um Ames, your cousin Jane is on the phone."


"Oh dear. Put her through."

Ms Mash:

"Oh my f*#king god! I just swore at your f*#king receptionist and then told her I was your bleeding cousin, do you even have cousins? Shit!- I hope I don't get you fired babe. F*#K!" 

So yes it was a bad day for Ms Mash and I knew just the remedy:

Booze: Check

Food:  Check

Edible Booze: Check Check Check

Where: Zeta Bar
Trio of Edible Classics $15
L-R Deconstructed Mojito, Long Island Ice Tea Wine Gum, Pina Colada sorbet
(image from The Australian)
The Zeta Bar is renowned for its extensive and awarded cocktail menu. I myself have been a big fan of Zeta for a long time and my love affair continues now that I've discovered the Trio of Edible Classics.

What a great drink/ snack/adult lolly selection/bad mood remedy it is, the trio consists of:

1. Deconstructed Mojito
(image from Ms Mash's phone)

2. Long Island Ice Tea Wine Gum
Looks like a sour coke bottle tastes like a strong long Island Ice tea- Yum! This one is my favourite.

3.Pina Colada Sorbet
Ms Mash's favourite, this creamy coco-nutty sorbet is delicious.

The only little teeny tiny problem with the trio is that you forget that you are consuming alcohol and after a few rounds there could be a little confusion on why you're feeling so tipsy. (Don't judge me)
If edible cocktails aren't your thing the Zeta has an extensive and impressive menu for you to choose from, check out a sample here

What I can guarantee is this, if you're having a bad day like Ms Mash was, the edible cocktails can certainly illicit some sort of reaction to jolt you right out of your mood:- "Oooh is it ice cream or is it proper naughty- get me another round?" as an example.

Zeta Bar (at the Hilton)

Level 4, 488 George Street

Sydney, NSW 2000

Telephone: (02) 9265 6070

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