Monday, December 20, 2010

Rochester Ginger- Ginger beer for grown ups

When the Chief and I headed to Master Chef Live a few weeks back all we did was eat.

What else were we going to do right? There was food everywhere and I certainly can put it away when it comes to free food.

We also spent a whole stack of cash on things to take home and try later- we both get very excited at food stands and buy stuff that we wouldn't usually do in real life (flavoured salt and kilos of beef jerky are recent examples)

But something I tried and loved and now I am obsessed with is Rochester Ginger.

By the time we got to the Rochester stand, we'd pretty much eaten ourselves sick and I wasn't really keen to taste any more- and a ginger drink that promises to be like "A kick from two angry mules" didn't really grab me at first.

Couldn't find a pic of two angry mules but did find this cute one instead

But as it was free, I couldn't resist and I was literally gobsmacked by it.

I was shocked its really spicy and kind of burns (in a good way) Rochester is made from a recipe dating back to 1870 and contains 14% raw ginger root, crushed with elderflower, cowslip and raisins. Yep its non alcoholic, although it tastes like it could be.

I've gone through two bottles in two weeks and I am on my way to purchase more. Its a shame that it isn't available widely, if you want to try some for yourself click here for a list of stockists- it very very yummy in a very grown up way.

Rochester Ginger
Around $23 Retail
Available in selected delis and health food stores 

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