Monday, December 13, 2010

The Sydney Kings: A reintroduction to a good time (and basketball)

When I was little, my parents decided that out of all the sports I could play as an uncoordinated, short, clumsy and short sighted seven year old, basketball would be the one for me.

I was terrible, I couldn't catch the ball, I couldn't dribble, I certainly couldn't shoot a basket and I was really really scared. (Um the ball is hard and it hurts when it hits you in the face by the way)

But what I did love about basket ball was the Sydney Kings, actually let me get specific, what I loved about the Sydney Kings was Steve Carfino.

The Sydney Kings (with Steve) came to my basket ball club once and I proceeded to snot cry uncontrollably at him.

Steve Carfino around 1989- what a dream boat!

Chubby little me, with piggy tails and all couldn't believe my luck when dreamy Steve picked me up and paid some attention to me. Thus, making that day the highlight of my seven years on earth.(I also met the cast of Home and Away at Australia's wonderland too- huge year for seven year old Amy)

I had forgotten that memory until recently when the Chief and were lucky enough to be invited to a Sydney Kings game and better still got to rectify my snot cry meeting with Steve "dream boat" Carfino.

It had been many years since I'd played or even watched basketball- possibly the last basketball related thing I had got excited about was Space Jam- but heading into the Entertainment Centre or the King Dome to the sound of an excited stadium (and Rodney O's familiar baritones) my heart started thumping.

Obviously, scoring VIP tickets to the floor seats, or rather the Jack Nicholson seats, where you're actually on the court so close to the game the players sweat on you was an amazing bonus.

The only slight downside was I was sat next to Miss Universe Australia and the X Factor kids, watching mammoth athletes do their thing, so I did spend the majority of the game feeling slightly inadequate. (and wishing that I had put on some mascara )

The rest of the game however, was spent cheering and hollering for The Kings, watching the King's Lion mascot charm the crowd, hearing Rodney O hype the stadium and spying on boys who were sneakily doing a David Beckham and ogling the Kings Cheer leaders.

And I did get my second chance to impress Steve or rather not cry on him at least. And yep, he is still dreamy, the Chief chided afterwards that I was all red and flustered talking to him guaffing like a seven year old- oh well.

It was a great night and a huge sensory overload, it was so good to see the Kings back and at home in Sydney. Although the boys aren't at the pointy end of the table just yet, we are still the only NBL team that have won three consecutive NBL championships and it won't be long until we're back on top.

So get behind our team and check out a home game (you never know you might even get to rub shoulders with the Sydney who's who or at least the Sydney Lion)

The Sydney Kings


  1. Hi Amy,

    You write wonderfully!

    We're very glad you had a terrific time and we sincerely appreciate the lack of snot nose bubbles - especially as you were sitting court-side!

    I hope your photo with Stevie turned out well!


  2. It was a great night and a huge sensory overload, it was so good to see the Kings back and at home in Sydney.Sports Good
    India sports


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