Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year's eve solution: Jungle Fever @ Tonic Lounge

Every year (end) the "the what am I going to do for new year's that isn't lame and overrated" conundrum never fails to annoy me.

The last couple of years I've been overseas so I haven't really had to think too hard, the sheer fact that I was in London (08/09) and in Beijing (09/10) was exciting enough.

But this year I am back in Sydney and the thought of struggling to get a good vantage point for fireworks and then the crazy lines and exorbitant entry fees to some wanky clubs isn't exactly my idea of a great way to greet 2011.

What I wanted for New Year's Eve, was to party with friends and like minded peeps, have yummy cocktails, dance the night away to some great music and possibly wear an Afro wig.

So the solution? Throw a party with mates, have some excellent tunes at the funky Tonic Lounge, and call it Jungle Fever. (Yes I loved the movie)

The Tonic Lounge is such a sexy little venue, one of Sydney's original small bars. I have had so many great nights in that terrace listening to some of Sydney's finest musos that it made sense that Jungle Fever should be there.

Great venue, check, delish cocktails double check.  

Next on the list was secure girl crushes and hot Sydney band ALPHAMAMA to play tunes- lucky for us they agreed and suddenly Jungle Fever is not only alive but so so exciting.

ALPHAMAMA- Sydney's funkiest band

So if you're still at a loss to what to do for NYE, come down to Tonic, Afro or no Afro, for Jungle Fever. Great tunes, cool cats, yummy cocktails and a strict no wanker policy- its going to be great night.

Jungle Fever Featuring ALPHAMAMA
62-64 Kellet St
Kings Cross
$50 at the door

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