Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The start of the cake and hair love fest

I've been told two things about starting a blog:

1. No one reads the first post and so I shouldn't stress about it (although I've typed and retyped this 10 times already- I am clearly nervous or clutching at straws)

2. A new blog is created every two seconds so to have a successful one, or hell! one that someone somewhere reads no less, it better be good, witty, fun and smart etc

So I can't promise that Cupcakes and Cornrows will be smart,fun or witty. What you'll find here is my sometimes meandering, but well intentioned thoughts and opinions on my major loves:

Cake:well food in general- I eat it very well, the cooking bit I'm still learning.

Heaven=Black Forest Cupcake

Hair: long, short, extensions, colours, braids, updos, undercuts (I could go on)If I see you on the street and you have amazing hair I will tell you and may drag you into the nearest salon and tell the stylist "make me look like her"

My hair loves: Queen B, Cassie and Cheryl

Travel and experiences: I've done loads and loads of travelling and I've lived in Sydney, London, Kuala Lumpur and Suva (Fiji). If I could live anywhere in the world it would be New York. I've visited twice and am obsessively in love with that city (if NYC was a boy I would totally be facebook stalking him right now)

 One day I'll call this place home
So there you have it, this is CupCakes and Cornrows, (I was going to called Eat, Hair, Love, but this won't be nearly as preachy as the book. :)

*images from google


  1. What's crazy is that I'm going to New York this weekend. Last time I went there was when you were visiting! Wish you could come along. (Okay, really, I'm gonna stop commenting and go to bed!)

  2. I wish I was there with you- next year def for my birthday. Can you please go to century 21 and buy me some cheap Apple

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