Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Kookai show at Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival

I don't  do fashion, do you want these tickets? I think there's free drinks or something," says my boss. I have a closer look and realise she's offering me top seats and VIP bar access to the Kookai run way show at the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival.  Do I want the tickets?,ha, hello, I love free drinks!

I get pretty excited to be honest, I've never been to an actual runway show (shopping centre fashion parades, bad lighting, dodgy MC and embarrassed looking models-I've seen plenty of those)

Miss Carrie S, my super cute work mate and I snap up the invitation from the boss and embark on what turned out to be a great girly night.

Before heading to the show (bar) I'd heard that Mecca Cosmetica was doing mini makeovers, so Carrie and I poped into Myer for a quick touch up. (in my case a massive rehaul)

The mini makeovers were great, we got to choose what kind of eyes we'd like, smokey, bright, or colourful. I just tell the mecca ladies not to make me look like a drag queen and I'd be happy. 10 minutes later after a bit of mascara, eyeshadow and gloss- I look half decent (Carrie looked beautiful) and we we're ready to go.
The Make up artist working her magic

A part of the week long festivities of the Rosemount Fashion Festival, the Kookai show, a long with the other designers showing during the week, staged their show in the Town Hall. The venue was decidedly unglamourous I thought as Town Hall in Sydney is usually where EMO kids hang looking depressed and where people who've chatted on Internet dating sites meet in real life for the first time.

There was a not an EMO or blind dater in sight. It was a real buzz when we arrived, big burly security guards greeted us at the door, they gave way to fashion pr types who busied themselves with their clip boards and square glasses. We didn't have much time for people spotting anymore before the show, we got to our seats (which had cute little gift bags on them with redken hair products in them-score!) just in time before the Kookai show began.

Photographer's ready!

All I really knew about Kookai before the show was that they often did really feminine and colourful collections. And the show certainly delivered sweet, girly, simple clothes-all you really want for Summer and Spring.
There was lots of denim, tie dye, shorts and pretty maxi dresses and skirts- and I was surprised that I liked it so much.

The dress I want

It was a very "floaty" and pretty collection and I've got my eye on that beautiful red maxi dress- perfect for Spring.

After the show we headed to the bar and to my surprise there was food actual proper food-carbs and all and even better I spotted some models eating it! Hooray.

To be fair to both me and the models, the food happened to be my favourite-CUPCAKES- hooray. Pretty face check, cute clothes, check, fashion cliches, check, unfashionable mouthful of cuter cupcakes, check!


  1. Runway shows are great aren't they! Although the one that I went to didn't have much to eat :P

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