Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pastizzi Cafe and N Love's new do

"I've completely changed," N Love texts me. I am used to these kind of grand sweeping statements from her. 

I immediately think she's going to tell me that she's giving up men for the pursuit of  higher enlightenment (she's a wonderful artist and as she says: "I am more drama than the hills darling.")

We've got a date later at our favourite little place in our hood, the Pasitizzi cafe in Newtown, so I tell her that I can't wait to hear all about it.

Trying to be all arty with the specials board

Pastizzis are little golden parcels of goodness in my opinion.
These little Maltese pastries are so very delicious and the Pastizzi Cafe has become a weekly occurrence for N Love and I.

Not only are Patizzis delicious they're cheap cheap cheap. I swear it'll be the best $1.80 you spend- yes I said $1.80!

I think I've had every single Patizzi on offer at the cafe and I really don't have a favourite. Sweet or savoury I can gobble down a load of these babies.

Particular savoury favourites of ours are the chilli con carne, cheese, spinach and ricotta and the empanada. YUM

Pastizzis: $1.80

Favourite sweet pastizzis are the apple and the cherry and cheese- that one is N Love's absolute favourite. Pattizzis can be a little dry sometimes, so make sure to get the tomato dipping sauce for the savoury ones and of course ice cream with the sweet ones.

The Pastizzi Cafe also serves a variety of pasta, as well as other Mediterranean type mains.

You are always guaranteed a generous serving of pasta and its cheap too at around $13.50. I went with a ravioli last night and ordered the chicken and mushroom and N ordered a special, the spaghetti and meatballs-which was huge.

It was a tad dry apparently and needed a little bit more sauce, but N said the meatballs (which were bigger than golf balls btw) were delicious.

You couldn't get two more different girls then N Love and I, to see us together (which is often) is to see polar opposites. N Love mostly calls me Ghetto Fresh, she once called me a chola (which caused me to freak out-she later apologised and said it was only my big hoops that kind of slightly reminded her ) and if we meet after I've been at work, she calls me ALO. (Because according to her, JLO can rock a corporate look too)

N Love you see is tattooed, into hardcore music (and sometimes Jay Z) surfs and usually rocks a bandanna and mini bee hive. So when I saw her last night, I really did a cartoon like double take. "See I told you, I completely changed," she said.

The N Love I'm used to

Gone was my rockabilly N Love and in her place was a bang on trend super hottie!

Not that N Love isn't always a hottie, but wowzers she looked different. 

N Love's hair-spirations Christina Hendricks and Lauren Conrad

Her black hair was striped, coloured, foiled, treated to get this hot new colour. (It took more than five hours!)

I love it and I can only describe it as a beautiful mix of Christina Hendricks and L.C (N Love's girl crush.) I think I'll try it next.

Pastizzi Cafe
523 King St
Newtown NSW 2042
02 95191063

CH and LC images from google


  1. I never knew that Pastizzi cafe served other food apart from pastizzis-good to know! Great hair for your friend too :) Hehe I would be alarmed to be called chola too!

  2. Do you like Canolli? They do the best canolli too for around $2- super cheap! :)

  3. OH ames, I love your blog, this one was fun to read!!!!!!!

    Chola <3


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