Sunday, August 22, 2010

Balayage and brunch at Bourke St Bakery

Ms Mash says she's never met anyone like me- apparently out of all of her mates, I am the only one that's consistently cutting/colouring/braiding or doing something to her hair and the only one that leaves a salon with her hair all did- complaining.

It is true, I moan constantly about my hair, I annoy myself but it's a compulsion. If I'm not talking about food or Beyonce, I'm talking about my hair/your hair/her hair/hair I want.

So this morning before Ms Mash and Bob Bob Bobbin arrive to pick me up for Sunday brunch at Bourke St Bakery in Marrickville, I reminded myself not to talk about hair today (Bob Bob Bobbin is a boy- he doesn't get it and I cut my hair last week, so Ms Mash is still recovering from hearing about/living through that)

Today's weather was stunning, exactly the kind of day tourists expect from Sydney and  we suspect that everyone who lives in a 5 km radius to the Bakery will be there there getting their fill of pork and fennel sausage rolls.

So when we arrive, we are thrilled to find a spare table outside and I claim it like a pushy stage mother. This is my first time at the Marrickville Bourke St and no one is denying me a seat in the sun while I stuff my face with delicious Bourke st goodness.

Ms Mash and I head inside and its so much more roomier and brighter than its Surry Hills sister bakery and I instantly eye the delicious bread. I love my carbs, if I could (and if no one was there to judge me) I'd eat an entire loaf of freshly baked bread with butter, bread is definitely something I would take on my desert island (a long with my Ipod, bed and Rodrigo Santoro)

hello lover

I decide against eating an entire french stick once I spot the delicious looking pastries, there's tarts, brulees, croissants, cakes, sandwiches, slices....

Ms Mash had had the ginger brulee tart and suggests I try that, I go to order and quickly change my mind once I see the strawberry and vanilla brulee tart.

I know that the pork and fennel sausage roll is a Bourke st favorite, but as I've recently acquired a strange pork phobia I opt for the the lamb harrissa sausage roll.

Ms Mash orders the beef brisket, red wine and mushroom pie and the pear and rhubarb tart and Bob Bob Bobbin goes for the pork and fennel sausage roll. (x2)

our delicious brunch
Pork and fennel sausage roll $4.50 and Beef Brisket, red wine and mushroom pie $5.30

We take our food outside and our coffees arrive quickly, out of my two dishes, my favourite by far is the brulee tart. Although I don't taste the vanilla much, the strawberries in the brulee are delicious and I secretly want another.

Strawberry and vanilla brulee tart $5.50
Ms Mash on the other hand thinks her brisket pie is a winner, the meat is tender and delicate she says.

Beef Brisket, red wine, mushroom pie $5.30 (Ms Mash was hungry)
We order more coffees as we pretend we can't see the hungry folks trying to stare us out of our sunny table- we're not ready to leave just yet.

I've been quite good all morning, I guess I've been too busy basking in the yumminess of Bourke st and haven't mentioned any one's hair all morning.

As we do the rounds of all the weekend papers and Ms Mash's fashion mags, I see that the lovely Drew Barrymore is in one of the magazines and remember to tell Ms Mash that I had seen pictures of her latest do and I love it/want it.

Both Bob Bob Bobbin and Ms Mash simultaneously roll their eyes with the "not again Ames" look they do so well.

"It's different don't worry, I haven't ever done it before and I just want to try it" I plead.

I explain that I think Drew's hair is balayage and it looks really good and because I've never done it before I should at least try it.

Hair I want now

"Balayage! It's a bit 2009 babe, you'll probably complain if you get it you know," Ms Mash says. Bob Bob Bobbin thinks we're talking another language and goes back to his paper.

I concede that the likeliness of me complaining if I dye my hair like beautiful Drew is high (The truth is I'll be sorely disappointed that the stylist won't be able to make me an exact replica of Drew in this picture, I'll be devastated that I still in fact look like me)

"ok ok, you're right. Can you guys wait here? I just want to buy a french stick before we go home."

Bourke St Bakery Marrickville
2 Mitchell Street
Marrickville NSW

*image of Drew from google

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