Thursday, December 16, 2010

Heartbreaker: A delicious french comedy

I love all things French- although in summer time I do think Paris can smell a lot like pee but other than that I adore it all.

I actually prefer French films over Hollywood ones, the humour, drama and romance is always amped up to the max, but some how never too crass or camp impressively.

And director Pascal Chaumeil's film Heartbreaker or L'arnacoeur certainly delivers on the romance, comedy and gorgeous French eye candy.

Heartbreaker, stars Mrs Johnny Depp, Vanessa Duris as Julliette, an independent and soon the be married wealthy heiress. Duris, as Alex, a smarmy ladies man and professional relationship wrecker sent to break up Julliette's engagement.

The film is like a delicious French meal, indulgent, beautifully presented and in some parts a little too sweet.

From Morocco to Monaco the scenery is as beautiful as the two leads. Besides all the visual stimulation there are some great comedic moments punctuated by 80's classics WHAM! and Dirty Dancing.

The supporting cast in brilliant as well and will have you smirking and giggling at some of the brilliant and cheeky moments and by the end of it you will be able to recite Alex's break up monologue word for word in French and English.
Brilliant fun and possibly useful if you need to dump someone soon.

See Heartbreaker from December 26 at:
Cremorne Orpheum
Palace Verona
Palace Norton
Hoyts Cinema Paris

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  1. Ahh so many people I know are talking about this film! Good to hear that it's worth the ticket price :D


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