Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Long time no blog

I became one of those people who judged other people who "blogged", I would roll my eyes on the inside secretly judging them in my smug little: "blogging was so 2010" way.

I know my judging mcjudging came from petty jealously. I hated those "bloggers" who not only kept up the habit but made a conscious decision to commit to it.

My internal eye rolling was clearly an internal self defence mechanism kicking in placating my guilt and jealousy.

"I had a blog back when it was cooler" my inner Morgan Freeman narrator would say- "I was a Eurasian taking pictures of my food before Instagram" he would spout.

I've been lazy....years and years of blazy (blog lazy) has meant I've not posted. I've wanted to, I've been a lot of places, I've eaten a lot of things, I've cut and grown my hair umpteen times!!!!

And here's the truth....I've been well - kinda busy, busy changing careers, moving house, playing house and even studying again. My love of small decorated baked good and ash blonde foils has taken a proper back seat.

I've been feeling too serious, too old, too passé to blog the last couple of years. Seriously I thought, can a woman now in her thirties be talking about flans and weaves....Morgan Freeman's resounding answer would always be "yes you are too old to be talking about flans and weaves Amy"

So I stopped.

And then I got diagnosed with a brain tumour. A 3cm one that's made me lose my hearing, my balance and  Morgan Freeman's inner narration.

I've been feverishly googling "brain surgery hair cuts", "brain tumour"+ sex+"recovery times" "tumour+peroxide use" and have been given so much comfort reading people's experiences.

 I felt so much relief when I found the everywhereist who gave me a list of things to expect before and after surgery.

I found stay sudsy who told me to  save myself from post surgery hair palava and cut it off before I go in (which is a week today) and those two blog posts have really helped.

So here I am again, rebooting Cupcakes and Cornrows hoping that someone might find some help/relief/distraction from the post brain surgery constipation through reading about my experience with it all here.

No doubt there will be days when I'll be terribly confused and typing absolute nonsense but hey, it'll be real and I promise to tell it like it really is, one staple and steroid at a time.

Gooey Brain Cupcake Soap - Halloween
 (These are not brain cupcakes, they're soaps!! Cool huh, you can get them here http://www.etsy.com/listing/52918765/gooey-brain-cupcake-soap-halloween)

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  1. Wow, love it Ames, you make it sound like a walk in the park, I know you'll try to make it one, that's just how you roll ;-) I really enjoyed reading this, it was hilarious and moving. I know if someones out there going through the same thing, they'll find comfort and most importantly, giggles! Following your journey. love you Sister.


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