Thursday, March 17, 2011

Funk It Up About Nothin'- Platform Hip Hop Festival

It's hard to get hip hop theatre right, it's either emcees who are trying to act or actors who are trying to rap - sometimes it can be all a bit too uncomfortable to be good.

Funk It Up About Nothin' an urban twist on Shakespeare's Much ado about nothing isn't one of those uncomfortable hip hop shows. Created by Chicago's Q Brothers, this slick urban take on one of the most performed Shakespeare plays is clever, fast and yep-funky.

Tight rhymes, a great set, a good looking cast and a story that doesn't deviate from its original had its opening night audience in a head bopping frenzy.

Kids, grand parents, hip hop heads and 'Bard-o-holics' were all throwing their hands in the air in appreciation. The cast was congratulated for their efforts with a standing ovation, a rare sight in Sydney Theatre audiences.

The show is touring Australia for the first time after a successful run internationally. Playing at CarriageWorks as a part of Platform 4 Hip Hop Festival, Funk it up shouldn't be missed.

If you like your entertainment quick and sharp (the whole show is less than 80 minutes) or if you'd just like to see an old tale mashed up, than Funk it Up about Nothin' is for you. 

Funk It Up about Nothin'
March 17-26

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