Thursday, February 17, 2011

Faheem Fast Food: A curry huff

I've almost eaten at Faheem Fast Food twice.

The first time, I ordered take way and when I got home my Aloo Matar (vegetarian curry of peas, potato and tomatoes) had a hair in it and I suddenly wasn't hungry anymore.

After that experience, I wasn't actually going to head back to give Faheem's another shot. But I'd read some really great reviews and the sign out the front says its Sydney's best tandoori and I thought maybe my Aloo Hair was just an unfortunate accident.

It was 9.30pm when we arrived and the Faheem's was pumping full of people, which is always a great sign at a restaurant right?

Considering the sign out the front says, "Sydney's Best Tandoori" The Chief and I settled on trying the Tandoori Chicken.

We also ordered the Okra Lamb ($13.00), Naan ($2.00) and to compensate for last time, I choose to order the Aloo Matar ($11.00)

Once ordered the Tandoori Chicken came out fast and hot! And by hot I mean do mean "can I have some extra yogurt my mouth is on fire hot."

It was good, but because it was only an entree serving, there was only a piece each for The Chief and I, so when we demolished our share we were hungry for the rest of our dishes to arrive.

So we waited

Took some photos

Checked where our order was (on its way apparently)

Drank some super sweet soft drink


Got cranky

And when I went in to check on our order the second time, the guys behind the counter looked sheepish. Apparently our order was on the floor and they'd only just realised.

"Its coming in two mins max" they promised.

He wasn't making our food

But it was around 11pm and we'd be there for an hour and a half. No apology no offer to comp us, nothing. I was more than a little miffed and not to mention hungry.

We paid for our Tandoori and four soft drinks and left in an unsatisfied and hungry huff.

That's a 0-2 for Faheem's and I don't think I'll be heading back. Such a shame because I've heard they do really great food, its just that I've never had any of it.

Faheem Fast Food 194-196 Enmore Rd, Enmore, NSW 2042

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