Friday, November 26, 2010

The girl you should be listening to right now: Nicki Minaj

Wow this girl has had an amazing 2010 no? Gaga better watch her back because Nicki Minaj is kind of owning it right now.

I of course don't profess to be a music blogger, I like hair and food mostly. But I do also like outstanding individuals who have their tongue firmly placed in their cheek and Nicki is certainly right up there.

What else makes me dig Nicki you ask?

Five reasons mainly:

1. Her amazing verse on Kanye's Monster.

She completely leaves Kanye, Bon Iver and Jay Z in her dust. Wowzers:

Skip to 3.16 and listen here (there are swear words people, so if your sensitive don't listen)

2. The girl rocks a wig like nobody else


3. She has an alter ego called Roman Zolanski (and that's just funny)

and I want to be at a dinner party with Sascha Fierce, Slim Shady, Jo Calderon and Roman Zolanski.

4. She doesn't rely on her sex appeal to get attention

She told interview magazine this year:

"I made a conscious decision to try to tone down the sexiness, I want people—especially young girls—to know that in life, nothing is going to be based on sex appeal. You’ve got to have something else to go with that.” 

5. Her debut album Pink Friday is just so good
Since snapping up my copy its been on repeat and its caused me to sing/bop/tap along in public. 

It looks like everyone wanted to be on it too with guest appearances from Eminem, Drake, WILL.I.AM, Kanye West and Rhianna.

Get your copy folks, we'll be definitely hearing more from Nicki in 2011.

*images from google images

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  1. She actually looks like four different people in those pics! :o


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