Thursday, October 21, 2010

JLo's twins debut for Gucci

If the rumours are true Beyonce and Jay Z are having baby, which means the the Pinkett-Smith's and the Joelie-Pitt's are about to have some stiff competition for most talented/beautiful/fortunate celebrity family.

However, another family that could give them a good run for the title is Jennifer Lopez and her husband, Marc Anthony and  their little twins Emme and Max. 

Gucci seem to think so too and have snapped JLo and her twins for their new children's campaign.

Cute kids no? Apparently litte Emme does her own styling, when I was 2 I didn't know the front from the back or if my shirt was my pants. I also didn't own anything from Gucci until I was 22, so these little cuties are way ahead of me already.

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  1. She looks pretty hot in that first pic! Like a lioness and her cubs (could be the hair)! :P


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