Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chocolate crimes

When I was 6 I stole a Freddo Frog from Franklins. I was shopping with my Mum and remember asking her if she would buy it for me.

I don't remember why she said no, but she did and I remember the distinct feeling of absolute devastation. I also remember my heart thumping right out of my chest as I left the shop with the Freddo stuffed up my shirt.

By the time I got home, the stowaway Freddo had melted and was  squishy and smooshy in its packet. I couldn't bring myself to eat it- mostly out of fear of getting into trouble. I threw my stolen, melted Freddo in the bin and I never went back to that Franklins with my Mum either. I was convinced if I did they would know that I was a Freddo thief.

I never stole anything again, my Mum used to say thieves go blind and lose their hands and I never wanted that.

I was never punished for stealing that Freddo and although I am confessing now, I have gotten a way with it.

In Iran right now, a 21 year old man has been sentenced to a year in prison for stealing chocolate and cocoa from a Tehran patisserie.

Sharia law in Iran enforce amputation as punishment for repeated thefts. As well as 12 months in prison, the young Iranian man's hand will also be chopped off. I guess my Mum's saying is true in Iran. I count myself pretty lucky that I live in Australia.

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